Carving a Slice of Learning at #etmooc

How does one carve a slice of learning at #etmooc ? After listening to this vlog and reading the conversation, I wondered about this Massive Open Online Course, and how just like in our classrooms, the learners have different styles. Continue reading Carving a Slice of Learning at #etmooc

Limited Tech: An Issue to Solve #etmooc

I remember when this was my only “good” computer; the rest were old snow iMacs. I started with Apple IIes, moved up to PowerPCs, then the jellybean iMacs and finally to snow and eMacs. There were never enough computers, but Continue reading Limited Tech: An Issue to Solve #etmooc

Considering Issues and PLNs for Support #etmooc

I struggle with the issues of today’s education policies in the US. I know every teacher in my school is focused on our students’ learning. So all the negativity of “accountability”– degrades who they are, and they are wonderful teachers. Continue reading Considering Issues and PLNs for Support #etmooc

Building Our Neighborhood Neighbourhood #midlev #etmooc

  Welcome to our wiki!  We have members !  We have resources, including a Diigo group and Evernote Notebook. We have ideas for prompts and projects on the page Possible Projects. All because we, together, want to build a neighborhood Continue reading Building Our Neighborhood Neighbourhood #midlev #etmooc

Building Neighborhoods #etmooc #midleved : an invitation

  We’re building a new neighborhood. Want to visit for a while? As I learn more about PLNs through #etmooc, especially from @bhwilkoff, I realize I have a responsibility to help find and support the sub-committees that have a common focus.  Ben Continue reading Building Neighborhoods #etmooc #midleved : an invitation

Welcome to My Neighborhood #etmooc

Photo by me:  Some rights reserved by teach.eagle Have you seen Ben Wilkoff’s Vlog “From Network to Neighborhood?” Take a spin in what he calls his “Personal Learning Neighborhood,” as he shares not just connections, but the learning created in his neighborhood. Continue reading Welcome to My Neighborhood #etmooc

Expanding Hubs Vlog 2 #etmooc

In the image above you see part of the “hubs” of my world, from local to global, personal to professional. If you click the image, it takes you to my Flickr image, complete with links. From each of these parts Continue reading Expanding Hubs Vlog 2 #etmooc

Connected In The Middle #etmooc #midleved

  If I’m conversing with my global partner, my partner is my teacher. After the conversation and chat in the webinar for  #etmooc, I needed to reflect on how connected learning looks at the middle school level. And, of course, Denise, Continue reading Connected In The Middle #etmooc #midleved

Expanding Universes #etmooc #midleved

  Small Universe: My Hub I’m still getting a handle on this #etmooc. And I think I’ve got it. If you are still unsure, just watch the video at The Clever Sheep by Rodd Lucier. He discusses the hub of our Continue reading Expanding Universes #etmooc #midleved

You Are What You Curate #ETMOOC

  Do you wonder how to organize all the ideas you want to keep so you can do something with them? I’ve been introduced to Storify, Pearltrees, and IFTTT as ways to annotate and organize those bits of information I want to synthesize and share Continue reading You Are What You Curate #ETMOOC

Thinking: It’s Emotional #ETMOOC

I’ve met some fantastic and caring people in this first week of  #ETMOOC . I’ve already posted about how Ben Wilkoff has guided me. I’ve also met Lorraine Boulos, a fellow middle school teacher. We’ve discussed so much about inquiry based learning and Continue reading Thinking: It’s Emotional #ETMOOC

Journey: Connect, Consider, Converse, Curate, #ETMOOC

1  #ETMOOC : What are we to do?  First, connect with others and consider their ideas. Connect & Consider I started the #ETMOOC not knowing anything, except that I could connect with a massive number of amazing people. I floundered awhile and connected Continue reading Journey: Connect, Consider, Converse, Curate, #ETMOOC

Introduction #ETMOOC In My Classroom

In my classroom at the end of the day, I wondered what could I share about me?  Here’s the contribution: About Me #ETMOOC In the Classroom from Sheri Edwards on Vimeo.   What Else? This is a question we ask Continue reading Introduction #ETMOOC In My Classroom

My About #etmooc: What is it?

  #etmooc January-March, 2013 A journey of connected conversation with colleagues, newly noticed… What is it? et: educational technology mooc: massive open online course massive: hundreds of participants open: free and open to all online: all online course: personalized course: Continue reading My About #etmooc: What is it?

Coalesced Connections at #etmooc

Overwhelmed. Learning. Connecting. Contributing. Moving forward. However, Ben Wilkoff reminds us that: Please join this vialogue with Ben’s vlog, “Mutually Beneficial Friction: How We Stop Skimming The Surface Of Ideas” which includes an excerpt from Rodd Lucier’s socialcam post, “Like Spokes Continue reading Coalesced Connections at #etmooc