Curate Annotate Future #clmooc Final Make

Thank you again to the participants and facilitators of #clmooc. It’s been a connective, reflective, detective adventure. I appreciate the feedback conversations and tips to move from failure to success, and I hope I have helped others. This has been Continue reading Curate Annotate Future #clmooc Final Make

#clmooc #f5f Reflection Curation Week 4

Amazing “makes” this week reflecting on our philosophies of education, making, teaching, and learning. There are so many different stories and ways to express ideas. Please review my five (seven) #f5f Find Friday’s in the presentation above, then think: What Continue reading #clmooc #f5f Reflection Curation Week 4

Expanding Universes #etmooc #midleved

  Small Universe: My Hub I’m still getting a handle on this #etmooc. And I think I’ve got it. If you are still unsure, just watch the video at The Clever Sheep by Rodd Lucier. He discusses the hub of our Continue reading Expanding Universes #etmooc #midleved

Journey: Connect, Consider, Converse, Curate, #ETMOOC

1  #ETMOOC : What are we to do?  First, connect with others and consider their ideas. Connect & Consider I started the #ETMOOC not knowing anything, except that I could connect with a massive number of amazing people. I floundered awhile and connected Continue reading Journey: Connect, Consider, Converse, Curate, #ETMOOC