#clmooc Writing Hacking Defining Week 4 Reflection #k6diglit

Writing Hacking Defining Today, I celebrate conversation, and the continuing celebrations each day at #clmooc. In the Hangouts and chats, in our posts, we continue the conversation about writing and making and hacking. I keep thinking about the conversations about Continue reading #clmooc Writing Hacking Defining Week 4 Reflection #k6diglit

#clmooc How To Be Me Guide

  Brainstorm Creating a How To Guide seemed daunting, but Chris Butts’s guide mentioned the word recipe, so that become my organizational structure. Since this will be public and sharable, I thought I’d create a more generic image of my Continue reading #clmooc How To Be Me Guide

#clmooc Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to Summer!   Have you considered what you will learn this summer? How about a summer connecting with other educators and making stuff? That’s what CLMOOC is all about: Making Learning Connected so we can update and revitalize our Continue reading #clmooc Welcome and Introduction