A Flutter Forward

Writing Inspiration We’ve seen our first butterflies— they capture our attention as beauty, despite the fact of their metamorphosis from egg to larvae to chrysalis before becoming the beautiful creatures that allow us to pause in our busy days. And Continue reading A Flutter Forward

Nature, Poetry, Art at Ross Lake

one picture– lots of ways to express it’s essence Continue reading Nature, Poetry, Art at Ross Lake

Coffee or Tea

Writing Inspiration Today I liked the sound of “Coffee, Cream, and Keurig” and remembered how I once hated coffee. Really— it’s not tasty. I drank tea. So how did coffee become a morning drink— mornings and beyond? That is this Continue reading Coffee or Tea

Geology Lake Roosevelt #WriteOut

Grand Coulee Dam In my area of the world sits one of the most amazing structures in the world, the Grand Coulee Dam. It provides seventy-five percent of the power for the Pacific Northwest and put thousands of people to Continue reading Geology Lake Roosevelt #WriteOut