Curation Part 8 Blog as Filter

A blog to gather resources: the aggregated posts are my my library, and the search box is my filter to find the relevant information Continue reading Curation Part 8 Blog as Filter

Blogging With Students

Classroom Blogging A few teachers have wondered about starting class blogs and student blogs. Blogging is writing — it’s thinking and communicating ideas; it can be a place to share daily or used as a portfolio or both. It meets Continue reading Blogging With Students

#nablopomo Writing Prompts for Educators #nablopomoed #clmooc

Need a challenge for November? BLOGGING (See next section for MICRO-BLOGGING) I’m not sure if National Blog Post Month is official, but I signed up here. I’ve seen #nablowrimo and #nablopomo tags, so the challenge is on for me at Continue reading #nablopomo Writing Prompts for Educators #nablopomoed #clmooc

Liebster: Discover New Blogs

  What an honor! Liebster (sweetheart / beloved — we love blogging) Blog Award! Thank you Laura Coughlin at Love::Teaching for sharing this fun award. I see this as an award that recognizes the uniqueness of “smaller” bloggers — those with Continue reading Liebster: Discover New Blogs