#clmooc Invitation Middle School Educators

An Invitation to Connect Middle School Educators Teachers, Principals, Librarians, etc. As a member of #clmooc, I created two collaborative spaces: Connect in the Middle and Connect 2 Learn to provide a space for middle school educators to connect and plan for Continue reading #clmooc Invitation Middle School Educators

#clmooc Adjacent Possible and Embodied Learning

Adjacent Possible, Embodied Learning,  and Verbal Learning: Connected Learning Principles and Values  Reflection inspired by Terry Elliott Note: Connected Learning Principles ConnectedLearning_report.pdf. (n.d.). Retrieved July 7, 2014, from http://dmlhub.net/sites/default/files/ConnectedLearning_report.pdf Interest Powered “When a subject is personally interesting and relevant, learners achieve Continue reading #clmooc Adjacent Possible and Embodied Learning

#clmooc Possibilites Done; More to Be

What’s Possible? A large group of people work together to learn by connecting together, creating together, and sharing in a connected learning massive open online course (#clmooc). And wouldn’t you know it, there’s a map to show who we are. Remember Continue reading #clmooc Possibilites Done; More to Be

#clmooc a thought about school in poetry

  While reviewing my Flickr photos, I found this relevant poem and image. We move on to remix, leaving remnants for others to also remake.   All the best to our “Beyond Cycle 6” remakes and collaborations !   Thanks Continue reading #clmooc a thought about school in poetry

#clmooc #f5f Future

Thanks to #clmooc facilitators and participants for an amazing adventure that will likely keep rolling. One future idea I have is to create a space that will be a hub for connected learners to find and share projects. Here’s my Continue reading #clmooc #f5f Future

Why I Teach #whyiteach

Twenty-seven years ago, after a wonderful lab school experience with plenty of practical experience at Eastern Washington University, I ventured into my own classroom to teach the subjects required in projects filled with language learning. I felt confident and competent, Continue reading Why I Teach #whyiteach

A Digital PLN Story #etmooc

How do you build a PLN? Take a risk. Be JoLLE: Join, Lurk, Learn, Extend. In 2011 Denise Krebs and I began an adventure, and I am forever grateful for the friends and support that have been shared back and Continue reading A Digital PLN Story #etmooc

I want to do it all… and remind me…

My Friend Joy Kirr, 7th grade LA teacher from Illinois, wants to do it all — learn all the time and apply that learning in the classroom to inspire and encourage her students. Read what she says here: Our Genius Continue reading I want to do it all… and remind me…

Inspiring Writers

We’ve been on a fantastic journey this year. Part of that journey has truly inspired us: Quad Blogging! We are a team of four schools, with one school taking the lead in posting for the week, and the other classes Continue reading Inspiring Writers