#openspokes challenge: Failure

failure.003, a photo by teach.eagle on Flickr. Open Spokes Challenge Topic: Failure “The language we use is important, and so I think it is important that we have these discussions to tease-out what we mean, and as Varena says, create Continue reading #openspokes challenge: Failure

Why I Teach #whyiteach

Twenty-seven years ago, after a wonderful lab school experience with plenty of practical experience at Eastern Washington University, I ventured into my own classroom to teach the subjects required in projects filled with language learning. I felt confident and competent, Continue reading Why I Teach #whyiteach

UnFinal Reflection #etmooc #etmetc

  How do you plan on staying connected to the people and the ideas? This unfinal post for #etmooc reviews the path I now take with others to continue the journey: #etmooc continues to drop it’s pebble of ideas into the Continue reading UnFinal Reflection #etmooc #etmetc

Digital Literacies Education #etmooc

Think… If you are connected to and participating in a personal learning network, then you understand the culture of today’s connected and public world. Perhaps you have created lessons and projects using Google Docs, a Wiki, or Twitter to collaborate Continue reading Digital Literacies Education #etmooc

Maker Scratch: #medialabcourse

As I tinker I’m a thinker; Thinking how and where and why. As a thinker my mind tinkers; Thinking try and risk and learn. If a teacher leads the learners Learning with them: create, share, revise. Then our learners lead Continue reading Maker Scratch: #medialabcourse

Week Two #etmooc Goals

Goals for #etmooc, reviewed: As I embarked on this journey in #etmooc , I asked these questions: Given the access, technology, resources, and requirements available to me, how can I create a classroom world reflective of what my students need in Continue reading Week Two #etmooc Goals