#clmooc Invitation Middle School Educators

An Invitation to Connect Middle School Educators Teachers, Principals, Librarians, etc. As a member of #clmooc, I created two collaborative spaces: Connect in the Middle and Connect 2 Learn to provide a space for middle school educators to connect and plan for Continue reading #clmooc Invitation Middle School Educators

#clmooc teach writers

br /> Please read this important post by Kim Douillard: https://thinkingthroughmylens.wordpress.com/2014/07/08/a-burr-in-your-sock/ I’m thinking about these powerful words Kim wrote “I worry about who in our schools gets the most formulaic writing. Why are our English learners, our students of color, Continue reading #clmooc teach writers

#clmooc Play Revision

REVISING a Blog I Started Last Year Revision Steps — ideas so far 1.  Starting: A reflection and revision of my work last year in the post: Play is the Game 2. Adding Meme Activities to Connect2Learn Blog a. Memes Continue reading #clmooc Play Revision

#clmooc Play is the game

Play / Collaboration Play is the game, and collaboration is the strategy. Mindshift’s Jordan Shapiro article reiterates this: Play is useful because it simulates real life experience — physical, emotional, and/or intellectual — in a safe, iterative and social environment, not Continue reading #clmooc Play is the game

Whose image is it?

I love poster images and inspirational quotes. Sometimes they just make my day or encourage me to keep going. Images create emotional responses and so are a powerful addition to our communications. But whose images do we use? I favorited Continue reading Whose image is it?


Resilience: A ReMix of “Bent But Not Broken” Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app Resilience. For yourself. For your students. My friend Susan Spellman-Cann created the HaikuDeck and a blogpost, “Bent But Not Broken” to guide us in Continue reading Resilience

#nablopomo #nablopomoed Best About PLN

#nablopomo #nablopomoed Day 14 The best thing about my PLN is… The best thing about my personal learning network / neighborhood is the relationships. We follow each other on Twitter and in blogs, Google hangout on topics of interest, and join Continue reading #nablopomo #nablopomoed Best About PLN

#NaNoWriMo #NaBloPoMo

Yes. I’m applying my creative endeavors to the written word this month. I’m letting the thoughts in my mind have voice.  My students and I are reading Out of My Mind by Susan Draper. We are holding onto the idea Continue reading #NaNoWriMo #NaBloPoMo

Writing: Collaborative Learning #clmooc #makecomp

“Writing is hard fun.” Donald Murray Throughout the last century, writing instruction has evolved from basic handwriting to five-paragraph-essays to writing workshop to writing process to digital writing with media. Writing teachers build on the work of James Moffett, Jerome Continue reading Writing: Collaborative Learning #clmooc #makecomp

#clmooc #f5f Future

Thanks to #clmooc facilitators and participants for an amazing adventure that will likely keep rolling. One future idea I have is to create a space that will be a hub for connected learners to find and share projects. Here’s my Continue reading #clmooc #f5f Future

UnFinal Reflection #etmooc #etmetc

  How do you plan on staying connected to the people and the ideas? This unfinal post for #etmooc reviews the path I now take with others to continue the journey: #etmooc continues to drop it’s pebble of ideas into the Continue reading UnFinal Reflection #etmooc #etmetc

Digital Adventure Story-5 Slides-5 Artists-2 Stories #etmooc

We’re on our way to 5 adventure stories. Enjoy our presentation (here’s how we started- Adventure Collaboration ). Who are we? @gallit_z   @MsLHall   @lindapemik   @mrsdkrebs  @grammasheri Imagine your own story as you flip through the slides 1-6. On slide seven Continue reading Digital Adventure Story-5 Slides-5 Artists-2 Stories #etmooc

Week Two #etmooc Goals

Goals for #etmooc, reviewed: As I embarked on this journey in #etmooc , I asked these questions: Given the access, technology, resources, and requirements available to me, how can I create a classroom world reflective of what my students need in Continue reading Week Two #etmooc Goals