#clmooc MMM Make More Memes

Memes: a media element spread on the internet, altered by others, and added to the internet’s dispersed collections. They are fun, often humorous, and sometimes satirical. They can be informative. Dogtrax [ Kevin Hodgson] invites us to continue the #clmooc Continue reading #clmooc MMM Make More Memes

Sunshine Blog Challenge

A Challenge My fellow #etmooc -er Rhonda Jessen added another challenge for me: The Sunshine Blog Challenge for which I am honored to participate.  I’m smack dab in the middle of several projects, so I’ll be brief and add questions for Continue reading Sunshine Blog Challenge

Sunshine Blog Meme Homework #openspokes

Getting Back Jeremy’s right: sometimes we need to kickstart our blogging. And what better way to do that than to nudge your friends too. Thanks to Jeremy and Susan, I’ll stop watching mysteries on iTunes and NetFlix and get back Continue reading Sunshine Blog Meme Homework #openspokes

I want to do it all… and remind me…

My Friend Joy Kirr, 7th grade LA teacher from Illinois, wants to do it all — learn all the time and apply that learning in the classroom to inspire and encourage her students. Read what she says here: Our Genius Continue reading I want to do it all… and remind me…

Blogging for Writers includes Elbow Grease

As I read the wonderful posts about quality blogging while participating in Silvia Tolisano’s blogging series and audit meme, I considered several strategies, audiences, and purposes for blogging. What else do writers do? First of all, my students and I Continue reading Blogging for Writers includes Elbow Grease

Quality Blogging & Commenting Audit Meme

Our students were thrilled this year with an award nomination, and many chose to write thank you comments to our nominator. Most were thoughtful responses that conveyed their appreciation; they wrote from the heart, which gave their writing voice. Our Continue reading Quality Blogging & Commenting Audit Meme