Maker MIndset #clmooc #teachdonow

Jackie Gerstein at UsergeneratedEducation pushes us constantly to think through the educational mandates and silver bullets to focus on students and their learning. What will best guide students to become thinking, caring, productive persons? The first thirty-eight slides of her presentation Continue reading Maker MIndset #clmooc #teachdonow

#clmooc #connectedlearning principles

A Reflection on My #CLMOOC Work Thanks to all for a marvelous, connected six weeks!  Why connected learning? Why digital learning?     Thanks to Margaret Simon for hosting DigiLit Sundays where educators share how they are using technology in Continue reading #clmooc #connectedlearning principles

#clmooc MMM Make More Memes

Memes: a media element spread on the internet, altered by others, and added to the internet’s dispersed collections. They are fun, often humorous, and sometimes satirical. They can be informative. Dogtrax [ Kevin Hodgson] invites us to continue the #clmooc Continue reading #clmooc MMM Make More Memes

#clmooc The Inspiration Has Begun – Join In

The Summer of Make, Play, Learn has begun at #clmooc ! We’re introducing ourselves with avatars and inspiring each other to try something. In my writing classroom, making avatars and pseudonyms are one of our first goals: creating an avatar Continue reading #clmooc The Inspiration Has Begun – Join In

Whose image is it?

I love poster images and inspirational quotes. Sometimes they just make my day or encourage me to keep going. Images create emotional responses and so are a powerful addition to our communications. But whose images do we use? I favorited Continue reading Whose image is it?

Sunshine Blog Meme Homework #openspokes

Getting Back Jeremy’s right: sometimes we need to kickstart our blogging. And what better way to do that than to nudge your friends too. Thanks to Jeremy and Susan, I’ll stop watching mysteries on iTunes and NetFlix and get back Continue reading Sunshine Blog Meme Homework #openspokes

Digital Literacy: Ownership #etmooc

Who owns our data? Our School Our school encourages in our daily work and curricula a continuous emphasis on digital citizenship and digital safety; we practice citizenship in our classrooms, virtual and in reality. This discussion and practice we hope Continue reading Digital Literacy: Ownership #etmooc

Digital Literacies Education #etmooc

Think… If you are connected to and participating in a personal learning network, then you understand the culture of today’s connected and public world. Perhaps you have created lessons and projects using Google Docs, a Wiki, or Twitter to collaborate Continue reading Digital Literacies Education #etmooc

Connected Educator Blogging Challenge

Are you hesitant to join in the global conversations around the world? Are you overwhelmed by the amount of information flowing towards you? One way to join the conversation and sort out the information is to start a blog to Continue reading Connected Educator Blogging Challenge

Inspiring Writers

We’ve been on a fantastic journey this year. Part of that journey has truly inspired us: Quad Blogging! We are a team of four schools, with one school taking the lead in posting for the week, and the other classes Continue reading Inspiring Writers