Day 32 Why Cant I

Why Can’t I? to How Can I? and How Can We? Continue reading Day 32 Why Cant I

Blast from the Past: A Start to Blog with Students

learned, collaborated, and published in authentic ways using digital citizenship Continue reading Blast from the Past: A Start to Blog with Students

Clmooc BC Affinity Equity in Pace

spaces that could engage them, inspire them, and encourage them in their interests and learning through tech communication skills that will be used today and in their future Continue reading Clmooc BC Affinity Equity in Pace


Unplug! Unplug? Today many are concerned with the amount of time spent plugged in, detached from the “real world.” Yet, so many of us connect for “real” reasons and with “real” people. So, how do we contain this thing, this “unplugging?” Continue reading UnPlug?

Blogging With Students

“It’s every teacher’s dream. Students are no longer writing for a grade or for their teacher. Instead, they are writing for their peers and generating their own topics. Can this really be possible?” Continue reading Blogging With Students

A Thing to Consider

A Thing To Consider Brett Gaylor with Mozilla Advocacy reminds us that this new internet is “like life, a thing to consider” and without this internet, our freedom of access to information would be so different. Our Parts So as I Continue reading A Thing to Consider

Let’s Talk Blog Images

Images, Copyright, and Fair Use Updated Links and Info on January 23, 2019 See this post for more information: Blog Images   Images bring your blog post to life– it adds information and interest. But we can’t just reach up Continue reading Let’s Talk Blog Images

Maker MIndset #clmooc #teachdonow

Jackie Gerstein at UsergeneratedEducation pushes us constantly to think through the educational mandates and silver bullets to focus on students and their learning. What will best guide students to become thinking, caring, productive persons? The first thirty-eight slides of her presentation Continue reading Maker MIndset #clmooc #teachdonow

#clmooc #connectedlearning principles

A Reflection on My #CLMOOC Work Thanks to all for a marvelous, connected six weeks!  Why connected learning? Why digital learning?     Thanks to Margaret Simon for hosting DigiLit Sundays where educators share how they are using technology in Continue reading #clmooc #connectedlearning principles