#clmooc #f5f Future

Thanks to #clmooc facilitators and participants for an amazing adventure that will likely keep rolling. One future idea I have is to create a space that will be a hub for connected learners to find and share projects. Here’s my Continue reading #clmooc #f5f Future

Writing Today #clmooc in the future

Writing. It’s thinking. It’s planning. It’s research. It’s design. It’s everything about being a digital learner, and more for connected learners. If you aren’t sure what that means, visit the National Writing Project’s Digital Is community,  DML’s Connected Learning site, Continue reading Writing Today #clmooc in the future

#clmooc #literacies chat by True Reformers

  What are we to do in this time of educational dysfunction, a dysfunction between authentic learning and mandated systems? +Terry Elliot asked us to respond to David Lee Finkle‘s article in the Washington Post “Teachers or ‘Quantitative Learning Gains Facilitators?’” Continue reading #clmooc #literacies chat by True Reformers

#clmooc #f5f Reflection Curation Week 4

Amazing “makes” this week reflecting on our philosophies of education, making, teaching, and learning. There are so many different stories and ways to express ideas. Please review my five (seven) #f5f Find Friday’s in the presentation above, then think: What Continue reading #clmooc #f5f Reflection Curation Week 4

Credo I believe… #clmooc #teachtheweb

  What do you believe? That’s the question / make this week for our #clmooc. I was honored to participate in the Hangout on Monday with an amazing group of educators. The Make With Me hangout discussed credos, featuring +TERRY ELLIOTT +Chris Lawrence +Chad Continue reading Credo I believe… #clmooc #teachtheweb

#etmooc #clmooc Week 3 Reflection #f5f

#clmooc Week 3 Reflections How is what you create driven by your interests? Since this is voluntary learning, it’s all based on interests; I have no preconception or grade to concern me. I love being inspired by those who jump Continue reading #etmooc #clmooc Week 3 Reflection #f5f

#clmooc Writing is Making

  Did you attend the  Writing as Making / Making as Writing event?  List of Hangout Participants Elyse Eidman-Aadahl – National Writing Project Nichole Pinkard – Digital Youth Network Bud Hunt – Colorado State University Writing Project Andrew Sliwinski – DIY.org Jeff Brazil – Digital Media and Continue reading #clmooc Writing is Making

#clmooc #toyhack Being Yourself

Week 2 of #clmooc is #toyhack provided us with a chance to hack something tangible and familiar. Its purpose was to help us stretch out to experience “the make.” In the Twitter Chat, Joe Dillon reminded us that we are “developing Continue reading #clmooc #toyhack Being Yourself

#clmooc #ff Friday Connections and Resources #clresources

I learned so much today, late Thursday night and early Friday morning for our #clmooc: Connected Learning Massive Open Online Course sponsored by the National Writing Project through its Educator Innovator Network for a Summer of Making and Connecting, with partners, the John D. and Continue reading #clmooc #ff Friday Connections and Resources #clresources

Intro #clmooc w #openspokes Transformation Reformation #teachtheweb

Summer (northern hemisphere) Thinking: What Could I Learn? Have you thought of building your PLN (Personal Learning Network)? Have you wondered how you could change your teaching to be more in tune with how kids want to learn today? How Continue reading Intro #clmooc w #openspokes Transformation Reformation #teachtheweb