WriteOut 10.08.22 Daily Walk Digital Journal 


WriteOut 10.08.22 Daily Walk Digital Journal 

Today, a bit more and a poem about the aphids I wrote about yesterday.

My friend, Kevin, asked yesterday if the flying clouds of aphids had any enemies.

Remember, the smokey-winged ash aphids filling the air with swarms of females flying from their summer conifer homes to lay their eggs in ash trees are a nuisance, but they are not harmful, in most of their many phases.

What eats them? Eggs are eaten by chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers and other bark-pecking birds, but the “fuzzy-looking” aphids are less inviting. The good news is they do not live long.

In fact, the sidewalk today looked like this:

sidewalk littered with the dead aphids
Sidewalk littered with the little, dead aphids

And so I wrote the poem:

They’re Back

After summer conifer feasting days
Floating in the air in clouds of the same
Flying to ash trees for eggs to lay
Smokey-winged ash aphids will not stay
Will not harm, and will soon die away.

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