WriteOut 09.30.22 Daily Walk Journal

Write Out 22

WriteOut 09.30.22 Daily Walk Journal

Here is the magical place —a part of our walk we look forward to every day. There is a canopy of trees of all different kinds right over a little white bridge to the park. Our little town was once part of the government for Grand Coulee Dam construction, and they provided the gardener that took care of all the places because it was a government town. So everything was sculpted and built with wonderful rock walls — and we have the remnants of that now that this is an incorporated town just like every other one. But this is the magical part —going across this little foot bridge.

The pink tree on the left is a Tamarix ramosissima or salt cedar. It’s an invasive species in our part of the world, but it could have been planted as part of the park-like presence that this original town included. It’s originally from Europe and Asia.

See the last images  for a walk across the bridge– images that did not upload the first time I posted.







In the next picture is the magical spot for inspiration for my first NaNoWriMo way back in 2011 because it seemed as if I could see the sparkles in the trees of fairies dancing. Of course it looked different back then because there were more trees. Three trees just within those of the picture are no longer with us which makes me really sad because the canopy and the views through the trunks of the trees in the branches, especially in autumn when the leaves turn yellow, was just a perfect setting to think about whether I’m in some other world or in ancient times where there was a story here. I miss those trees.

One more place before I stop today is to show you the stonework.

See —doesn’t it look just magical and ancient? When we’re designing parks in places for people to be, it’s good to think of what could be and how to make it not just concrete —just a bit of stonework and lots of trees will make it a friendlier place. Just things to think about when designing parks in places for people.

I’m sure you want to know what’s ahead, but I’m saving that for another day.

But— here is a poem From my picture this app on my phone to help me identify that salt cedar tree.

Update: These did not upload– on the walk bridge and looking down to Fiddle Creek.