WriteOut 09.29.22 Daily Walk Journal

WriteOut 09.29.22 Daily Walk Journal

All right- we’re in front of the dam and it’s been a while since we actually paused here and noticed the area in front of the dam where 20 years ago we didn’t know we were not supposed to walk out there, but we did — and then we almost got stranded as the water came up. We had to rush and get back to the shoreline, but all the trees that we see out there now were just bushes, and now they’re trees. What fun. We are old. 

This post is a model science field journal, digitally created. Here’s how:

  1. It was spoken into the Notes app on an iPhone, which transcribed the speech into text to edit a bit.  Pictures were added to the note as I walked.
  2. I copied the “note” and pasted it into an email, with the pictures chosen at a smaller size.
  3. I sent the email to the blog with special tags to add categories and tags.  The featured image was drawn in from those in the post by WordPress [a feature of this theme].

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