Spiders Friend or Foe

Jumping Spider

Writing Inspiration

Today’s Daily Create reminded me of our problem with gnats and wasps— and the little creature that helps us keep them under control— the jumping spiders. And, we don’t have problems with Black Widow spiders if we allow the Daddy LongLegs to share the dark corners of the basement or garage.

Of course— leave spiders be— don’t try to touch them— their bite on you may cause a dangerous reaction.

Still, I am always grateful for the little Jumping Spider’s work at cleaning up the other insect pests. And so, that became my prose and poem haibun for today.

Writing Process

I wrote about the fears— so many of us fear these creatures and with good reason. I wrote about the fear and their strangeness, creepy way. I included bits of their silky web. Then I added in the pests that are always in our faces and real stings— the gnats and mosquitoes and wasps. Ugh. How to get rid of them? The little jumping spider solves the dilemma.

The prose part, therefore, short and quick. And the first two lines of the haiku also slipped onto the paper in just one try. The last line, though required many rewrites. Here’s the progression:



So many fears of this strange looking creature of so many different colors, shapes and sizes, but most always with eight legs and those strange eyes. Little Miss Muffet told us how to behave, and that thin, spinning, shining silk steadying that falling spider in front of your face does elicit a scream, for sure.

Also around us are wasps and gnats and mosquitoes and other unfriendly creatures we swat at and frantically brush away. However, with just one jumping spider in the window— or outside—all of these creatures become ensnared in the sticky web carefully spun by the friendly spider minding his or her own business while cleaning up all the other pests for us.

Call him Oscar.


Run across the sill
spinning silk just so, spider’s
catch keeps pests away.

Sheri Edwards
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Family Story and Video

Video Source: https://askwhatelse.blog/2022/04/10/spiders/

Your Turn

Are there any creatures that capture your interest and perhaps a bit of fear? Do some research. Jot down the main facts as related to your own thoughts.

Read over your bits if info. What strikes you? Still dangerous? Any benefits? Write some more thoughts.

Now— write your description, your prose about the creature. Then write the connection part— the good, the bad, the fear so others may learn what to do.

Read again your new prose, highlighting the essence of the creature and the turn — good or bad— that needs to be known. Write your final statement or haiku.

Share and see how others can add to your expression of a creature.

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