Postcard from Earth for #writeout

A Daily Spark

I read a wonderful prompt for #writeout from the National Writing Project / National Park Service two week celebration of parks and the outdoors. Click the links for many ways and different prompts to explore and write about the outdoors.

This poem derived from this idea in the #writeout Daily Sparks from Park Ranger Tarryn of the Grand Canyon National Park. Tarryn suggested this: 

“Imagine yourself standing on the landscape one million years in the future. Create a postcard depicting what you see. On the back, write a letter describing your experience. How will our world continue to change?”


So, as I skimmed my pictures I found a lovely view of vegetation along the walkway in a local North Dam Park. Imagine if every open area could add healing and edible plants to renew our livable atmosphere and provide sustenance for all critters, including us. Walkways, roadways, around our homes, including windows and roofs. Just imagine we creatures of the earth have gathered together and found ways to alleviate the effects of the changing climate on the earth. One way might have been this — written as a poem from earth to a revitalized and now populated Mars. Imagine that!

The Story as Poem

Back on Earth


In every space

A garden:

On the roof

A planting for each season

Variety that’s pleasing,

In each window- greenery shines-

A balcony of herb and floral vines

All around in any place

Path or road or waterways

All along grow the edibles

Sustainable delectables

As communities together

Created an earth that’s better.

Sheri Edwards 

101321 28636521 


What response would you write?

How would your respond from this idea in the #writeout Daily Sparks from Park Ranger Tarryn? What picture would you imagine or show? What story would you explain in your postcard? Remember to share as you can: twitter, instagram, blog, or real postcard to the ranger?