Whisper of the Wind #WriteOut


Today’s Daily Create [ @ds106dc #tdc3560 ] is to create an imaginary musical instrument. I know one exists each evening as the twilight time brings the cool breeze that tickles my cheek and whispers in my ear.

A whoosh of a breeze in my ears, I know it is the sound of fairies dancing through the leaves, each step a tone in the harmony of their song that we hear only as the rush of leaves in the breeze.

And just in September, in the hawthorn tree, I caught the magic in my photo of the shimmering leaves as they are plucked by the steps of two fairies dancing. Do you see?

So, for today’s #writeout for the National Writing Project / National Park Service two week celebration of parks and the outdoors, I wrote the fairy song of the whisper in the wind in the evening twilight.

And, in celebration, enjoy this little fairy dance tune from my grandson, Jordan— s0vr9000 on SoundCloud: Heartbeats.


Whisper of the Wind

The whisper of the wind in our ears,
just a brush of a breeze
tangling strands of our hair, unaware
the echo of fairies dancing on leaves,
each hop from a gleeful step -a whoosh,
harmonies of a fairy two-step
whose cadence is the twilight ‘tween light and dark,
the rush of cool in autumn eves,
and we see only
the shimmering leaves.

Sheri Edwards
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#writeout #nanowrimo #fairysong
Photo/Art The Hawthorn Tree 09.07.2021

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