Day 47 Blue and Green

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Blue and Green

Waves of blue

lap behind the buds

of green


streams of white

puff within some



where once the

winter wind coughed



a chorus colored

in parts distinctly

their own


separated in space

crossed in creatures

through time


passing by

buzzing by

flying by


sometimes touching

in ways we



as we paint a new

canvas green with hope

blue letting go

Sheri Edwards

4.29.2020 NaPoWriMo

I snapped this picture days ago as the calming colors of green and blue brought some serenity to my day and walk in these difficult times.  I thought I’d write about green and blue, but I just could not start; my heart could not grasp what it was that touched me at that moment, so I set it aside.

Today, @writingproject through @ElyseEA wrote a post about “Poetry as a Gift,” including how daunting it is in these times to write or read a poem– just like my day with my photo.  And that line by the student–

“Blue is an ice cream headache”

was a gift to me. To the student — blue was one thing, and for me I thought, “What is that blue in that picture to me?”

I knew immediately how I saw the sky as a lake, a reflection of our world and so the poetry came, the words came. It’s not a perfect poem, but— and this is important — the words must mean something to you, the author– stirring emotions of all kinds and pouring out onto the paper or screen to hold that moment, that feeling, that event in place for all time. The hope is that it resonates with others in some way as well, as my poetry I write is a gift to my family– to the little ones who may not get to know me, or the older ones who may wonder when my time has passed, “What was Gramma like?” They will know something through my poetry each April for NaPoWriMo [here here here].

Thank you, Elyse, for sharing the words of another to which I found solace and inspiration!


Take some time to look through your photos. Then take some time to read some news, some blogs, some poetry [see below for links]. Let the two slip into your memory until — and who knows how long it will take [moments or days]– a phrase of some moment flows into your mind, an idea and image from which you create a story or poem to write and share with others, creating a collage or remix of sorts in media to enhance its meaning for you. Hopefully, those you gift it to will also find some hope and meaning.

And remember, that tomorrow is Poem in Your Pocket Day — what poem will you carry?

About this post:

Be safe out there. Find ways to help yourself, your family, and others keep going! We can do this together!

April is time for NaPoWriMo — National Poetry Writing Monthtry a bit of poetry and art to encourage others to be safe with each other. Something short. Something inclusive. Something of spring and hope. #NaPoWriMo/#GloPoWriMo

Poem in Your Pocket Day,” which is April 30th this year.

The Academy of Poets encourages us to write #shelterinpoems. Get some ideas there and share your own.

Tons of information can be found at Poets.orgNational Poetry Month and here: Virtual Programs.

National Council of Teachers of English also offers suggestions here.

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