CLmooc BC Affinity: What is this?

The Affinity Book Club info

What’s this Affinity Book Club? Interested in “connected learning?” Interested in how students find their passions online? This conversation on twitter will provide insights.

What is it?



Questions — for the stream

What’s been discussed so far at #clmooc


Questions — arising in the stream


CLmooc Affinity resources have been shared in the stream. 

CLmooc — where it all happens

About Affinity Networks

From @dogtrax

From @tutormentorteam

From Greg McVerry


What characteristics do Affinity Networks have?

In the above information and in the stream of #clmooc, you will find participants that have:

  • shared interest: Connected Learning
  • shared purpose: understanding and applying the connected learning pedagogy
  • own time: no time constraints
  • own questions: adding questions and concepts of own experiences that adds dimension for the group
  • own level of participation: viewers, initiators, retweeters, repliers, questioners, collaborators [which change as opportunities and interest arise]
  • a hub: [#clmooc @clmooc, CLmooc ] an online space to gather that is open and connects to other platforms
  • a safe hub: a welcoming and supportive environment that allows questioning, sharing, and feedback without fear
  • respect: for participants and ideas — questioning to add value; sharing resources; discussing ideas
  • support: questions or issues [in this stream being busy and part-time] offered encouragement / solution
  • encouragement: acknowledgement of participation, of ideas, of questions
  • collaboration: participants jump in with images, connections, documents, articles as needed to continue learning and to support the group
  • global connections: participants not limited by geography or language

Are these some of the characteristics of an affinity network?– an open and welcoming space in some area of interest where anyone with that interest can participate at their level and time to receive and give support to grow in their particular area of interest while encouraging others as well.

I think so.

Have you experience an Affinity Network with those characteristics?

Tell us about it at #clmooc 

or in the comments below



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