Links Widget and Friends

by TAllen

First Friends

My One Word  this year is Renew. I’ve been updating my blogroll into separate links widgets to view my many online neighborhoods as links so that I can easily click, view, and comment on twitter or in blogs to keep in touch with online friends from a time when those friends and I were first learning technology together.

If you scroll down on my sidebar, you’ll see one called “First Friends.” You can see us in Theresa’s 2013 hangout together above.

And here’s one from 2013.

And we planned this one in 2017, which takes some doing when we are all over the world:

We flow in and out of our lives and projects, but such beautiful people to follow, know, and learn from:

Denise Krebs

Tracy Watanabe

Sue Wyatt

Theresa Allen

Kristine Full

JoAnn Jacobs

If you’re new to blogging or to technology, these lovely people will have much to share with you. I continually learn from their work and am so glad to be renewing our friendship– time for another hangout!

Just to show how we’ve connected, here’s a story of Denise and me. Online connections create great friendships, collaborations, and forever learning.

How to keep in touch?

One way is to keep the links handy– easy to get to — in a Link Widget. To use the widget, first create the links and categories — one besides the BlogRoll. Edublogs Help shows you how here.

Here’s how I did it:

After creating my “First Friends” category and adding them to my friends links, I added the widget to the sidebar. Here’s how from Edublogs.

From my dashboard –> appearance –> widgets, I chose “Link Widget,” dragged to sidebar, and clicked the triangle to configure. Click Save.

Now I can click those links and reconnect more easily and more often.

question mark


Who would be in your Links Widget for your connections?




This is a continuation of #blogging28 and my February Goals.

Hangout 1 by Theresa Allen on Flickr

Screenshots by Sheri