Winter Wonderland

Blue Hour at Riisitunturi lauri sten-

Blue Hour at Riisitunturi lauri sten-Attribution Noncommercial Some rights reserved by lsten


Winter Wonderland

A hiker bundled up warmly

treks through magical spikes

of frosted spruce

scattered across

a blue landscape

tinged along the horizon

in a ribbon of orangey-pink

aware and prepared

for winter’s wonderland.



Writing Strategies

Strong verbs: bundled, treks, scattered, tinged, aware, prepared


  • hiker bundled
  • frosted spruce scattered
  • blue landscape
  • blue landscape tinged along the horizon in a ribbon of orangey-pink

Poem by Sheri Edwards

Image by Lauri Sten on Flickr CC A, NC, SA

The photo is called “Blue Hour at Riisitunturi;” Riisitunturi is a national park in Finnish Lapland, which is just under the Arctic Circle! Follow the link to visit! 

I like this photo because the people there probably would not close school due to snow: they are accustomed to it and have the equipment to deal with it — including snow shoes!

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This post is from Edublogs 50 New Blog Post Ideas for Students: #28 

28. Add an image from Photos For Class to a post and write about it. Create a poem, story, information report, or any other style of writing!

Things to notice– and possible expectations for students:

  • Citation from Photos For Class appended to the picture [see featured image at top]
  • Poem created to describe photo
  • Author added writing strategy examples in poem as learned from class
  • Further citations added by author
  • Information about photo added with links
  • Choice of photo explained
  • Prompt explained with link