Curation Part 5 Chrome Bookmarks

Curation Work Flow

Curation Series: Part 5 Google Bookmarks

In the Building Momentum Series, one focus included research on passion topics. That often results in lots of tabs open and many resources to organize and curate. Curation could be in Apple Notes, OneTab, or Evernote. Sometimes, though, the initial and basic organization can be supported with browser bookmarks.

The most popular browsers are Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. What are the strategies for bookmarking? Here’s the support and directions for each to get started:

Chrome Bookmarks

I use Apple iMac, iPhone, iPad and Chromebook. My main browser for research is Chrome– that way all my browser folders are available on the Chromebook too. The bookmarks and bookmark bar keep the flow of my work focused. I organize and reorganize the bookmark bar according to the goals of current projects. Firefox and Safari also provide ways to organize their bookmark bars, so showing these chrome methods will be helpful as you think through your own browser’s capabilities.

These Chrome commands are most helpful:

Here’s my bookmarks bar currently [click to enlarge]

The bar is arranged with icons and folders so I can quickly move to what’s needed.

View Bookmark Bar

Bookmark Bar? Yes! A very versatile tool– here’s how to view and hide your bookmark bar:

Alternatively, use this command:

Add to Bookmark Bar

Create a folder on Bookmark Bar

There is also a way to organize your folders quickly when you’ve found many resources opened in tabs on one topic. With shift/command[or control]/D, quickly bookmark all the tabs into one folder [click to enlarge]:

Like this [click to open .gif ]:

Create an Icon Only

To make room on my bookmark bar, I can edit the bookmarks to delete the text and just leave an icon or shorter name, as in this gif:

Organizing the Bar and Bookmarks

A little of my workflow to keep organized:

How do I get to my manager?


Drag and drop icons or folders from one area to another:

Menu items:

At top right, the three dots provide options:

At right of each icon or folder, click those three dots for these options:

I love that all my favorite apps like Flickr and Canva are available with just a click. I love that my thesaurus and latin sites are one click away. I love that my blogging friends are there in a folder, a click away. I love that my Art classes are — yes, a click away. All waiting in my browser bookmark bar when needed.

What’s your Flow?


What’s your flow for getting to your frequent sites or saving multiple resources?

Will you try using folders in your browser bookmark bar?




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All screenshots and doodle art by Sheri