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What is Evernote?

Evernote is a very searchable note-taking application that syncs to every device and is noted for being able to search even text within pictures.

There are many options now for note-taking, but I’ve been using Evernote from its beginning, so I keep using it and do pay for the premium plan. I store important documents, manuals, and any research on any topic from recipes to health info to hobbies to education. I have a notebook for each filled with saved information as notes. My husband and I share a notebook with our important tax information.

What do I save?

Here are 38 ideas: 38 Thinks You Should Save in Evernote. I think educators would like these from that article:

  1. Your bullet journal. If you’ve had fun journaling with colored markers and stencils, try the digital version of bullet journaling. Take a look at this how-to and be just as creative in Evernote as you are on paper.
  2. A gratitude list. Stop and be thankful. It’s a powerful way to remember to stay positive, and Evernote helps you to do it. Grab this Evernote Gratitude template.
  3. Your to-do list. This is a no-brainer. To-do lists can be the roadmap for your life. Add checkboxes in Evernote to indicate when you’ve finished a task.

And it’s one of my curation tools for all the research needed to maintain a blogging habit. I will be sharing a short HowTo of Evernote as part of my Curation Series, but I wanted to provide some How To information upfront as I collect my research — which is one of my goals for February 4th, today:

I searched for topics of interest about Evernote to anyone thinking about a note-taking app: plans, tips, how to start, tutorials, reviews, devices, etc.

I saved all my research, 25 tabs, at once, and added another one later into OneTab, which I explained yesterday here.

Here’s the shared list of Evernote HowTos, which I copied to add here.

Note about OneTab: I do copy from the shared list and unshare if I don’t really want it shared; it makes a cleaner copy in Evernote or on a blog [the actual links do NOT copy to Google Keep].

Evernote Shared OneTab List


With Evernote, on any device, I can save websites to a notebook as a note. It will display on all my devices. That note I can highlight and add notes, also on any device.
I can snap pictures, scan documents, and add audio.
In school, I could take a pic of student work and let the students add a quick narration. I could share that note either with a link [public], or to a person through email. I wrote and shared lesson plans in Evernote, sharing the link on my teacher webpage.
Are you using Evernote?
How do you use Evernote in your situation?
If not, what similar app do you use?

This is a continuation of #blogging28 and my February Goals.

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