Slice Through Water

Is that gorgeous? It’s certainly a calming sight and soothing sound. We took the time to enjoy it on our way home from a family gathering. Nice way to end a wonderful weekend.

We’ve always called this the Devil’s Punchbowl; it usually only flows in the spring when the snow melts. But due to climate change, we are much warmer than previous years. We’d had only two snowfalls this winter so far. This was the result of the second one, as the weather warms far too soon with so little snow. I haven’t seen the falls with this much flow in years, not that I’ve seen it often.

A sign near the falls names it “Martin Falls,” and in searching for it, I found a 2015 “Waterfalls Northwest Survey” website with information about it. No one knows why it is called Martin Falls, but since it flows from Devils Creek, I think Devil’s Punchbowl is much more relevant. How about you?

Notice the ice on the small outlet lake, reflecting the water fall. Loved that! I just am sad that it flows less often due to the changes in climate. Who knows what other issue we’ll have when the snow no longer falls and builds snow pack in the mountains, creating the water flow to the Columbia River, source of important water for drinking, irrigation, and electricity.


Are there areas near you with interesting or confusing names? Are any areas affected by climate change?

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