I always have trouble with my One Little Word for the year. There’s so much I want to be.

I wanted a word that that shows support and encouragement for others’  work, attempts, struggles. I want to encourage others.

I wanted a word that fires things up, that enlivens and energizes the mundane. I want to bring sunshine in.

I want a word that reinforces success, mine or others. I want to rally behind those leaders who work for justice or strive for learner or people’s voices. I want to fortify important work.

I want a word that shows a continuation of work that’s been successful and encouraging, to proceed with our goals and keep the momentum going.

And I want a word that shows an open heart, a willingness to re-establish old friendships, repairing fissures that politics fueled. I want to breathe new life into those friendships and into any good works that had been put on hold and can now be restarted.

There is one word for all of that:

It will hold my heart within my heart compass and my values vision for the year..











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Day 30

This post is the last day of a 30-day challenge to reflectively write and post at least 150 words with the hashtag #modigiwri, which started with Anna here. Join us and here goes!

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