Earth Wind Fire

So today I wanted to write some poetry. Wendy and Kevin always come up with some great ideas. [Wendy’s Silly Anti-Spam Poetry].

I wondered if I could take a news article and find some poetry — something elemental, like earth, wind, and fire. Something to tie in my feelings with some hope.

So I looked at the media bias chart by Ad Fontes and choose a neutral site for a balanced view of the news. Then I would read the article and look for words or concepts that would fit with each element, and create an Earth, Wind, and Fire poem from those words.

I also added the Pixabay plugin so I could add images to match the ideas.

I choose a Reuters article. [Note: the article has been greatly updated since I read the original short one]

Truth, Doubted

Free-Photos / Pixabay


office, urban


hiding the sky

grounded as we are.

mohamed_hassan / Pixabay


a lie

a story

a whisper around the world

searching truth, we are.

RyanMcGuire / Pixabay



not accurate

flames of frustration

dousing doubt, we are.

I’ll use this strategy occasionally when I’m stuck for ideas and want to connect reading news to my feelings of it. A little reflection to what might be.

Let me know in the comments if your try it. You could use any article or reading.

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