Silly Anti-Spam Poetry

Anti-Spam Poetry

This is fun:

If you need a break from serious blogging, try some fun poetry with Wendy’s challenge.

I commented on Denise’s blog [read how she helped a new blogger get started here] to snag screenshots of five anti-spam words [see image above].

the melody of fab lutes

drew us to a friendly fair

with new delights to share;

a pop named ‘mr milked’

a flowing liquid, like silk,

tempted tongues to taste

(regular, slim, or hearty)

in mild, sweet, or tarty

to which one friend with puzzled grin

squeaked: “tis only my cat this be pawing in

@grammasheri   Anti-Spam Poetry

Try your own Anti-spam poem. Find a website that uses this type of Anti-spam. Refresh it 5 times and use those words to write a poem or a letter.

Thanks to @wentale: Link:

Check out #MoDigiWri [for more digital writing] for a few more anti-spam poetry fun and add yours!

It’s a nice break from the serious and is a great way to challenge students as well.

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Day 27

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