Wendy’s Word Work

In our #modigiwri fun, Wendy posted a game to play for blogging as one of our strategies for “creative constraint.”

The rules:

  • Blog 50 words
  • Open the dictionary and choose the first 10 words
  • Work them into the rest of your post.

This first section of blogging is fifty words of explanation.

A paper dictionary is absent in my house, which is full of books; its absence accompanied my iPhone appearance. So I accepted a new constraint which would also be a way my students could access the process as part of my academic endeavors. Is this acceptable to Wendy? I absolutely did not want to abandon the ability to play with a creative constraint.

  • I closed my eyes and let my finger touch a letter on Wendy’s blog post: a
  • I googled “Words that start with ‘a'” and found a list at the Learner’s Dictionary.

Thanks, Wendy, for our 150-word adventure.

WC: 150

Day 24

This post is part of a 30-day challenge to reflectively write and post at least 150 words with the hashtag #modigiwri, which started with Anna here. Join us and here goes!

I’ve also joined the #blogging28 challenge by Edublogs, thanks to Denise’s tweet

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Merriam-Webster Learner’s Dictionary: explanations we can understand

Word Cloud Generator


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2 Comments on “Wendy’s Word Work
  1. Wendy,

    Love the poem, and :

    I felt every word
    holding the dictionary
    carefully finding each word
    knowing the alphabet
    which word
    fits best
    which meaning
    is intended
    or needed
    right there
    in front of me
    on the page
    now gone
    Lost in the iPhone

    For Wentale

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