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I’m excited! My CLMOOC friends never disappoint! Anna has invited us [anyone] to a blogging challenge of 150 words a day for 30 days to help jumpstart reluctant or fading bloggers find their writing spirits again. Read about Anna’s invitation here: More MoDigiwri! [More Digital Writing]

And here’s the challenge:

So, we’re inviting you to engage in a combo of these two challenges, writing digitally every day to jump start your writing… and sharing and responding to others who are doing the same!

The writing can be about anything and come in any formUse the hashtag #modigiwri if you want to help people find your posts!

If you want to know about how Anna, Kevin, and Terry have been collaborating and writing together for years, please click the link in Anna’s blog or this one to Kevin’s blog post: Searching for Curation: A Nearly Lost Conversation about Digital Writing. I spent a long time watching their past vlogs and voicethreads and thinking about how we all have grown in our “digital writing.” Just two years ago, many of us in CLmooc continued these conversations, as in my reflection based on Kevin’s thoughts about this topic in my post “A Response to Digital Writing.”

At that time, after all our conversations, I considered digital writing this way:

That’s a lot. Because digital writing can be so much more than, as Kevin noted in his screencast, “alone.” And sharing can be to oneself or to the world. And it can be more than words, because Kevin challenged Anna and Terry to create a visual of themselves as a writer– no context.

And so here’s mine:

It’s quite a journey to get ideas and words and images to work together into a message, and so Thank You Anna, Kevin, and Terry for the jumpstart challenge to get back to thinking and connecting in #modigiwri !

Please join us– write about anything and share! 150 words– you can do it.

Well, I had a little trouble getting the art and typing done because a certain little kitty wanted to play, but as you can see in my featured image: she’s sleeping. So, even if you must start and stop and start again during the day– please join us for 30 days of writing for #modigiwri. After all, writing is a contemplative, yet flowing process– let the thoughts and sharing happen!

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  1. Oh, Kevin’s sweet songs and poems are fun. What a committed group you have stayed connected with all these years! It’s great. I enjoyed reading your post, and since you are doing the #modigiwri Jump Start, you can also add the #blogging28 hashtag to keep us encouraged, as well. Thanks, Sheri!

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