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On August 25th, 2018, Classroom 2.0 Live recorded its final show.  THE final show. Forever.

Classroom 2.0 Live, founded by Steve Hargadon, provided Saturday morning [9 am Pacific] “in your pjs” interactive professional development to present the possibilities that technology could bring to the classroom, possibilities for assessment, collaboration, communication, search, critical thinking, and so much more.

Webinars included demonstration, pedagogy, and encouragement. The chat sped by with questions, answers, and sharing. Educators made connections and friends over the years in that chat, bringing classrooms of teachers and students together to bring all learning and teaching into the 21st Century of collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking to develop both teacher and student agency so educators can reach and teach all learners. And the recorded webinars, its curated LiveBinders, and the chat all remained available in the archives.

Every show usually provided these components:

1. A specific topic will be discussed each week with a special guest presenter, so you can be prepared to bring links, ideas, tools you’d like to share. Once a month the special guest will be a “Featured Teacher” who will share ways he/she is using technology to support learning in their classroom.
2. The “Newbie Question of the Week” (introduction to topic)
3. Announcements of upcoming shows on Classroom 2.0 LIVE.
4. A Livebinder is created for every show that includes all of the links shared by the presenter and participants during the webinar.

Just two examples that connect classrooms and educators:

Edumatch– Dr Sarah Thomas

Mystery Skype– Paula Fehlinger

The archives are still available, and certificates will still be issued for one year if you watch them. Just click archives, and search the right sidebar for titles, topics, and people. Or search your topic or person in the search box.

When I received the newsletter explaining the heartfelt decision to end the show, I sighed, fearing this would come since the last few times I attended this, my favorite tech learning venue, the usually filled webinar was sparsely attended. I had feared the loss of this amazing resource. Overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude and sadness, I scheduled in the date to attend this last show.

I found on my hard drive at least 96 certificates of attendance to the webinars, of which there are almost 350! There were times when I just watched without obtaining a certificate, and many times I researched the archives. I now wish I had tagged my blog posts with “LiveClass” because I’ve shared this resource face to face, in blog posts, and on Twitter.

So much of what I learned and implemented began with a Classroom Live webinar, and I thank Steve, Peggy, Kim, Lorna, Lorie, Paula, and all the presenters for their thoughtful sharing, encouragement, and connections.


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I highly recommend both EdWeb and Teachers First for building your professional / personal learning network and adding to your professional knowledge about teaching and learning.

As for me, I’m also reviewing the archives of Classroom Live for



Fake News

Digital Leadership

What are you interested in learning? I’m sure the archives of Classroom Live  will have a relevant resource for you!