WriteOut CLmooc Peaceful


When the world’s busy

dawdle away on your own;

the shore is pleasant.

We live in the semi-arid region of Washington State called the shrub-steppe ecosystem. The summer is scorching hot. The best place to be is on your own beach found by dawdling along in your boat in Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area.

Anchor. Dip In. Enjoy the view. Read. Write. Talk.

It’s refreshing and pleasant. A perfect spot for a daydream.


Or you could travel to the Hanford Reach National Monument or the Saddle Mountain National Wildlife Refuge on the shrub-steppe.

Wherever you travel together with your family for some joy and peaceful togetherness, be prepared for the heat.

Where is your “peaceful?”

This post is part of the 2018 Summer #WriteOut in places, parks, poetry, and doodles with #Clmooc. Learn more at CLmooc blog and National Writing Project / National Park Service WriteOut

Poetry, Art, and Photo by Sheri