WriteOut CLmooc Signpost 24


Smokey horizon filters monuments from the past

ancient mountains uplifted or volcanic

just a wisp of blue haze

stretched into a jagged line

seen through the highway’s opening

among blackened limbs

on trunks now stakes

that yell in dark puffs of ash

their own signpost:

take care

with fire

in the forest.


Highway 20 near Loup Loup, Wa

Fires rage through our forest with the change in climate; our state monitors and reports so we can all be aware. Washington State Department of Transportation provides and radio and website alerts, like this page for Loup  Loup, Wa where this picture was taken.

Pay attention to the signs: they provide information, warnings, and detours. Be aware.

This post is part of the 2018 Summer #WriteOut in places, parks, poetry, and doodles with #Clmooc. Learn more at CLmooc blog and National Writing Project / National Park Service WriteOut