CLmooc WriteOut Swing



the breeze tickles your hair


the air cools wet skin after a


old or young: pump your legs and


through to the sky way up high


back fast leaning forward to


harder, faster, higher on our favorite



Spring Canyon is a favorite place for families in our region to come for a day to cool off in the hot summer sun. Plenty of shade and a long beach provide the perfect spot for family reunions and get-togethers. A boat ramp and docks add to the fun. Swim, swing, fish, barbecue, boat: it’s the perfect place every day!


This post is part of the 2018 Summer #WriteOut in places, parks, poetry, and doodles with #Clmooc. Learn more at CLmooc blog and National Writing Project / National Park Service WriteOut


Photos, images, and poetry by Sheri

Photo and Poem added to CLmooc Padlet

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