Thursday Thoughts 4

New Word: Biutiful


mistake that makes you grow as a person, and hopefully become a better one

Source: Maria Piedad Alliende


Prompt Four for Reflective Writing Club of  #CCCWrite from @ONE asks for a reflection on mistakes:

Reflect on your professional experiences and identify one mistake that, while may have been painful at the time, resulted in growth and development.

Discuss how you, as an educator, might (or do) frame mistakes as valuable (and good) in your professional role.

Often when we make mistakes, we feel like failures, but this week’s prompt has shown the reflective nature of teaching, where we consider our failures, our mistakes, and learn from them, making us better teachers and people. We became “biutiful: better people from those mistakes, as Maria’s post reminds us.”

Here are a few bits of posts based on our prompt — click the name to learn more, because these are bits only of more in depth conversations about learning from our mistakes:

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  1. Sheri,
    Thanks for the slides, and for pointing out we can click on the names to go to the posts! I now have my reading laid out for me. (Is laid the right spelling?)

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