Blogging With Students

Classroom Blogging

A few teachers have wondered about starting class blogs and student blogs.

Blogging is writing — it’s thinking and communicating ideas; it can be a place to share daily or used as a portfolio or both. It meets many of the standards schools have in place for writing, communication, media, citizenship, and content areas.

How would you start?

Please check out these excellent resources.

From Edublogs:

Better Blogging With Students– an Edublogs Supported course starting January 15, 2018!

Blogging Continuum, including portfolios

Should Blogs be Public or Private [from Edublogs]

Blogging with Students Basics Course with Edublogs

Other Edublogs Blogging Courses 

Edublogs: 10 Great Class Blogs

From Silvia Tolisano [Langwitches]:

Student Blogging Info [Langwitches — Silvia Tolisano] 

Blogging as Pedagogy [Langwitches]
Langwitches Upgrading Blogs Through Lens of SAMR
Langwitches More to Blogging with Students Version 2

Other Resources:

George Couros: Blogging as Portfolio [many links]

KQED: How to Inspire a New Generation of Writers through Blogging

Drew Frank’s Get Started With Blogging Page

From Denise Krebs, an avid classroom / student blogger

The Dos of Classroom Blogging

But I’m Not a Good Writer [benefits of blogging]

And every teacher and student wants images:

Jennifer Gonzalez [Cult of Pedagogy] Teaching Students to Legally Use Images Online — tons of information, links, resources for legally finding and using images!

Jennifer Gonzalez Podcast with Transcription “Passion Tools” — scroll down for image creation tools and image editing tools

Kathleen Morris ‘ An Edublog Blogger “Where to Find Free Images for Students and Teachers” — tons of links and resources


If you want to practice blogging, and learn other tools along the way, sign up for the next cohort of JumpStart Courses on Technology Integration with Jennifer Gonzalez.


And don’t hesitate to ask questions, but most importantly: Just Start!

For sample guidelines used on student blogs, see my archived page here: Eagles Write Archives

I’ve written about blogging here:

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Blog Conversations–blogs as conversations

Assessing Blogs

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And about writing:

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