CLmooc f5f Coloring

The fifth year of CLmooc, carried on by volunteers, began with a favorite: coloring pages for Make Cycle 1.


CLmooc is an experiment in connected learning, which means that people participate in a peer-supported, interest-powered, production-centered, academically-oriented, and openly-networked community of learners.


The entire set of Make Cycles is a collaborative effort of volunteers who suggest activities and invite all to join in, lurk, participate, or break the rules. The invitation begins with a newsletter and a blog post, including an introduction.


Facebook, #clmooc Twitter, and the open Google Plus Community provide places to invite, welcome, share, and collaborate.


This first make cycle, I’ve been mostly a lurker. I’ve three other projects I’m involved with, and as all of us know, we also need to balance our work, play, family. But that is the beauty of CLmooc: lurk, join, participate, dig deeper, collaborate, blog, comment. Participate in any way that makes sense for you. Start at the end and work back, or jump in the middle. Learning occurs on all levels and in all places. You’re never late, and whatever you choose to add, your own take or innovation or remix, CLmooc accepts. This is peer support. This is interest power. This is academics as you choose. This is open, inviting, networking. This is production — reading and reflecting, doing and remixing, collaborating, creating, and recreating, “liking” and commenting.


We invite you to join in when and where you can: CLmooc


Even though I checked in occasionally, I would like to share what we in CLmooc call f5f: Find 5 Friday, or Find 5 Favorite.


Here’s Make Cycle 1 f5f: