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Make Log for CLMOOC

Documenting #clmooc activities….

 What is an alternative to Flickr’s portfolio? I jumped back to my thinklink.com site [ they have a summer challenge also ].

I found my makes, starting with two I started this year, taking screenshots of the “makes.” Then I reviewed a few of my 2013 makes and took screenshots of them, collecting the links to the blogposts about all of them in a text document so I could add them easily to the thinglink. I opened all my images and organized them on my screen and took a screenshot of all them at once to create the image above. [ On a Mac, take a screen shot with Command-Shift-4 and drag your cursor around the area you want; a screenshot will appear on your desktop.]

I logged in to thinglink and uploaded the screenshot collage I had arranged and snapped. The image popped into an edit window for me to title and add my links from my text document to each area of the collage as well as text to explain the link. I grabbed the link and the embed code, and the above collage/image is the result.

I was thus able to curate the blogs with explanations of various “makes” from pre-2014 and 2013. Think how you can curate many things for family and for education through this amazing platform.  Here’s another example, an introduction to our possibilities for #geniushour.  Now, Thinglink has an education site, so if you are a teacher sign up; set up classrooms; your students can create their own thinglink portfolios. I can’t wait to start them next fall.

So once again #clmooc has inspired me for next fall, just by exploring possibilities!  Think what you could imagine this summer. Join us, won’t you?



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    • Thanks Cindy. I think the kids will like creating portfolios using the Thinglink format — choosing the image and the tags offers choice and personalization. Thanks for stopping by.

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