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#nablopomo #nablopomoed  Blog A Day  20  What I like to learn about…

… is anything. I’m curious. My husband is curious. We love our iPhones and iPads because whenever anything pops up we don’t know, or don’t know well, we Google It. If we drive by a field of wheat, we look up the history of wheat. If we’re discussing the politics of the day, we look up the issue and the history. In the middle of a movie, we will pause and look up the historical facts before finishing the movie.

And science! Something new happens on Mars, and we’re on that page in an instant. Watching Star Trek — Look up black holes, antimatter, etc.

We immerse ourselves in learning about the world.

And tonight, during our first #teach2blog chat [2nd Wednesdays, 8:00 PM Eastern ],  @KiplingEric mentioned his students will be blogging their “Reading Ladders,” which I immediately Googled and found this marvelous wiki: Reading Ladders. Eric shared his Reading Ladder Doc. I’ve just solved one lesson issue for reading and writing.

Yep: my (our) motto: Reflect curiosity and wonder…

What I like to learn about…  is everything. How about you?

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