Widget Wonders

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Widgets are part of blog design. Good design is clean and purposeful. So I choose my widgets for my readers.

I think must-haves include:

  • Short Text About Blog with author’s name
  • Relevant Photo
  • Contact
  • Search
  • Tag Cloud
  • Categories
  • Archives
  • RSS
  • Blog List of Favorite Blogs
  • Badge (Support of others or one’s own)

Other choices would be:

If a blog is educational, include:

  • Links to school-related blogs (other teachers, students, research, etc.)
  • Link to pedagogy and guidelines
  • Polls

Now, that’s a lot already, so an author needs to pick and choose, design and organize, review and revise so that the blog stays consistent, yet current and informative, yet welcoming.

I never thought I would use a Voki, but after viewing many of my fellow challengers’ examples, I’ve decided I enjoy them and so will readers. A Voki can deliver a welcome, a question, a direction that quickly engages readers.

That said, would you consider these marvelously used widgets?

Examples in Teaching Elementary

Flag Counter — Flags of visitors

Blabberize — make your own picture do the talking

Build Your Wild Self — create your own picture/avatar

Answer Garden — Ask a question and watch answers evolve

Examples in Global Student

Tag cloud — visual cloud of frequently used tags
Video of classroom (Vimeo) — embed a class video
Voki — Welcome and directions for how to comment

Examples in aimeeb

Voki — an introduction to the blog for families with suggestions
Shelfari — her favorite books or newest reads
neo planet — a revolving planet showing who’s here

Example in Home School Mom
Twitter feed

It’s a widget world –what do you think? Which are most important?

What is the most important sidebar info on a blog?… at AnswerGarden.ch.

Photo Credit:

Rule of Thirds CC 3.0 by Nevit at http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Rule-of-thirds.gif

Teacher Challenge 7

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