Yes, We Can Serve

Check out the writing classroom at Nespelem School.

We’ve started a voicethread that other students across the country are joining. President Obama asked for a new spirit of service to our country. Our students heard that call in the Inaugural Address and responded in small ways to improve their community. In fact, we’ve started new goals after our first round of service.

Listen to what we started and other kids in Wisconsin who have joined us have to say. Another school in San Diego will also join us. Click here. Voicethread may be forwarding the final version to President Obama.

The fifth grade class is working with a class from Memphis, Tennessee; you’ll see comments from this school on student pages. We’ll be working on projects and skyping each other for video discussions. Our Dance Group under the direction of Terrie Sanger will share traditional dancing via video Skype. Students in both classrooms are thrilled to work together.

It’s a bold new world, and our kids expect to part of it in ways most of people don’t understand yet.

Our goal is to guide students to responsible and positive use of the power of these tools while learning. Our students expect, no; they are demanding this now.

Enjoy our voices, and thanks for supporting us.

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