What’s Next?

Fifth grade and sixth grade still focus on elaboration in writing. However, we will dabble in applying our elaboration skills on election issues. I hope to introduce them to working together on wiki work to explain 1) How a person can become president and 2) Which candidate meets their solutions on the the student’s issues?

Seventh grade will finish their introductory research on Arctic global warming. We’ll break for a similar focus on elections as five/six since the topic is relevant and current.

Ditto for grade eight: they’ll complete their Who Are You art/media/text work in computers and the library study hall while our writing class begins the election focus.

All classes will vote: On September 23rd for Weekly Reader and on October 29th for the National Mock Election, which will include State elections also.

Students will have choices in daily and project work as they begin their role:

You are an informed citizen volunteer whom others will call upon for information. You volunteer at your candidate’s headquarters. As a volunter, you must thoroughly research the election process and the issues supported by your candidate and his opponent. You must create the information that voters need to make their choices.

Younger students will receive more support and guidance in writing project completion as they discuss the issues in class and with families to form and write their own opinions. Older students will make more design/product decisions on their own.

Will their products be accepted by the local headquarters? We’ll see.