#DigiLit Sunday Google Slides, Wordle, Veterans Day

My favorite presentation tool: Google Slides.

First of all, it has really advanced since the time my students created the project I will share. Take a look at this Parent Night Slideshow. Google Slides has transitions, animations, and themes to really help students learn talking points and design.

That’s part of what two students did in my class a while back. The loved Wordle.net, but wanted to bring it in line with what we were learning about presentation, and to connect it with Veterans Day.

Every year the Nespelem American Legion Auxiliary sponsors a contest for Veterans Day. The theme is usually “Honor All Veterans.” Veterans Day is an important event in our community. In all the towns around, breakfasts, dinners, school assemblies, and Pow Wows honor those who served our country to keep us safe and free. We thank all those who sponsor activities, and especially the Nespelem American Legion Auxiliary.

The seventh and eighth grade students started with a prewriting plan in Google Docs which helped them think of nouns, strong verbs, and actions of those who served in the Armed Forces. Next the students revised and edited their work.

Two students, Tristen and Mysti, asked the  students to create word clouds using their essays as the source for the words (Wordle.net ). Each then saved the images, uploaded the wordles, and pasted their essays into a Google presentation. Each student explained why they chose the colors, word arrangements, and layout. This is their gift. Thanks to Tristen and Mysti for asking their peers to join.

We asked other schools in our Quad Blog Team to comment about our project and about Veterans Day. You can read those at our student blog here.

It was an engaging way to learn writing and design while also honoring our veterans. We may just do that again this year. How about you?

Based on this post: Writing Class Veterans Paragraph


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#nablopomo #nablopomoed Veterans Day

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Dad, at far right


Day 11

#nablopomo #nablopomoed Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a day of reflection for the men and women who served to protect our country in the armed services. My brother, three uncles, and numerous cousins are among those who chose to serve. It is an honor to know them and thank them. I wish I had pictures and artifacts or stories to share, but I don’t. However, you can visit your local Veterans Center to thank them in person.

Veterans Day is also my dad’s birthday. He’s no longer with us, and did not serve in the military. However, our country served him well, and he, in turn, served the country through the Civilian Conservation Corps. With eleven siblings at home in North Dakota, the salary each month he received helped them survive. I tried to research where he was during this time, but I haven’t that information either. Somewhere in the boxes of photos are letters and pictures I’ve saved.

Looks like I’ll be digging them up.

For today, thank you to those who have served us in the military and in the Civilian Conservation Corps. And thanks to the CCCs for their work, and the New Deal that provided the opportunities.  Seems we and our government can help each other.