Congratulations for Truth

Have you read Verena Roberts post yet?  Did you congratulate her on receiving the iNACOL Innovative Practice award . You know she acknowledges it is because “of all of you out there who supported and helped facilitate open classroom projects over the last year!” And we know the award is also because she didn’t give up.

Her posts talks about the truth of those who innovate. They are the ones in that room, at the end of that hall, or “that educator in the corner.” Innovators get in the way; they are often “criticized, ignored, bullied, frustrated, felt like an evangelist and generally treated like someone who speaks another “education” language.”

They fail. Sometimes a lot. See Verena’s referenced post on failure, understand that innovators use failure as information (scroll down on Alfie Kohn’s post about failure to his thinking about Jerome Bruner’s research).

I don’t write about the negative criticism, being ignored, bullied, feeling frustrated. It saps energy from the projects my students and I work on.

But it’s there, and is a truth that does need to be examined.

And it’s the reason innovators find other ways and other people to support their endeavors. Twitter, Moocs, and Google Plus participants find the support and positive critiques that energize more innovation.

So next Friday, on #FF be sure to recommend your PLN to thank them for the encouragement they provide you!

And thanks, Verena, for #ceet-open and your encouragement. Congratulations on a well-earned and deserved award!


Image: Flickr CC by findntake