#clmooc Welcome and Introduction

badgesreclmooc Welcome to Summer!


Have you considered what you will learn this summer? How about a summer connecting with other educators and making stuff?

That’s what CLMOOC is all about: Making Learning Connected so we can update and revitalize our own teaching in the fall.

Don’t have a lot of time? Then just lurk around and check in once in awhile.

Would like to learn more about projects and writing and making? Then join in on the projects planned for our #CLMOOC — and it truly is “ours,” the participants.

Whether you have an hour or a day or more, please come visit and join the Connected Learning Massive Open Online Collaborators!


Here’s a step-by-step Blendspace to guide you. Just play and click the arrows; if an image doesn’t appear, just click the “i” icon at lower right for the link or the comment icon on the right sidebar. Here you will be welcomed, introduced to, and provided a link to sign up. If you’ve never participated in Google Plus, directions for activating it in a gmail account are also provided [directions are for Google Apps for Education using your school account, but you can open a personal gmail account and follow the same directions].

Here’s a link to a full screen version: Blendspace Welcome to #CLMOOC

Come and join the fun!


#teachtheweb #clmooc Explore the Make Intro

Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 8.41.41 PM


I believe we must #teachtheweb. I didn’t even make it to the Explore information today, but clicked directly to the community forum leading me to create two makes, both remixes from @chadsansing but highly influenced by @clhendricksbc .

See what we’ve done in the links below — do you see we are reflecting as much on understanding each other’s ideas as much as introducing ourselves? This is what “making” is all about. I think it’s quite an important “standard.”

A Little About Sheri based on A Little About Chad and A Little About Christina

Christina Quote based on Laura Quote  [ Laura Hilliger ] from Chad.

Somehow I managed to discover a Digital_Is treat: a  “zine” thimble by Chad, remixed by @dogtrax   Check it out!



Introduction #ETMOOC In My Classroom

In my classroom at the end of the day, I wondered what could I share about me?  Here’s the contribution:

About Me #ETMOOC In the Classroom from Sheri Edwards on Vimeo.


What Else?

This is a question we ask in my classroom. What else could we do or say or revise or explore or share?

So in this #etmooc, I asked, “What else could I learn?”  I wonder about these questions:

  • Given the access, technology, resources, and requirements available to me, how can I create a classroom world reflective of what my students need in the future that is theirs?


  • How do I need to adapt my pedagogy to create that classroom?


  • How will like-minded teachers connect and collaborate to create connected spaces for themselves and with their students?

As a middle school teacher of language arts, I hope to connect with others to ponder these questions, create a space to act on them, and discover together ways to improve education in our own worlds.

What questions do you have to add? Is there a better way to ask these questions? Are there answers?