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#nablopomo #nablopomoed  Blog A Day  19 My family knows that…

I care about my students and my work. They know I will keep working on projects for my class at any spare moment. Today on Teachers First I answered a poll that asked “What are your plans for YOUR Thanksgiving break?” The choices were: Do NO schoolwork at all, Do schoolwork only on Sunday night, or Fit in schoolwork around family and fun. Eighty-two per cent reported the latter: “Fit in schoolwork around family and fun.”

My family knows that.



Welcome New Bloggers

Please take time to welcome our new teacher bloggers from our school. They have set up and posted on their new blogs. Let’s congratulate them as they join us on our journey into the cloud.


Give them a safety tip on Internet use. What is the most important thing they should know about Internet safety? What would you like to them to write about on their class blog?

Student task:
  1. Click to a teacher blog.
  2. Congratulate their new blogging skills — design, content, ideas.
  3. Give them two safety tips on internet use, one of which is the one you think is most important.
  4. What would you like to know about their class? What should they post about? Help them get started 🙂
Remember how nervous you were when you started blogging?  What tips do you have that would help these new bloggers?  Thanks !

Our links:

Be the best blogger you can be by commenting on their blogs.
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Family Friendly

Photo of Family Guitar Hero by Sheri Edwards

Photo of Family Guitar Hero by Sheri Edwards

This blog and our class blog are family friendly.

We welcome families to read and respond just as our students do. As part of our blogging challenge, teacher bloggers were asked to create a parent handout to guide families in the purposes of and the participation in our class blog.

What do families need to know?

The Class

Ms Edwards
Consider  Create  Connect  Collaborate

The Home Page and Blog

http://write.nsdeagles.org Home Page

http://whatelse.edublogs.org The Teacher Blog
http://eagleswrite.edublogs.org The Class Blog

The Purpose

Eagles Blog
Have you noticed the world has changed?
Or the changes in reading and writing?

  • We are Wandering Wordsmiths; Emerging Experts.
  • What else could we write? How else could we say it better?
  • Our Blog: a place to enhance written discourse and media citizenship among students.

Teaching and learning are social activities; today’s kids are connected in ways that no adult over twenty-five could have imagined just five years ago. Students today enjoy the connectedness of social networking; it is part of their very being. Our goal is to bring instruction into that cloud to teach the content required in ways that inspire online responsibility and ethics in this new, very public world.

What is a blog?

A log is like a journal, a place to express your ideas. A web-log is a journal on the world wide web (www), the Internet.  A blog is short for “web-log.” It’s purpose is to share ideas with others to add to an ongoing conversation about topics of interest to the “blogger.” Others then comment on that blog so they can add more to the conversation.
Why blog?
In this changed world, our students will be expected to participate online in responsible ways. Education now includes guiding students in this new read-write web. That’s right, the “internet” is now not only readable, it’s writable.

Our students learn to navigate safely and responsibly through the web by participating in blogs and wikis on topics of interest to them. They research and consider others’ ideas, create their own ideas on blogs, connect to others in comments, and collaborate to clarify and extend the conversation about their topics.

Through these connections, students apply their research and social skills to clearly write their ideas, converse with others in positive and supportive ways, and continue the conversation that adds knowledge and solutions to issues that concern them.
They create an online identity of which they can be proud citizens of this changed world.

How Can Families Participate?

Will You join us?

  • Read

The Teacher Blog
The Class Blog

  • Subscribesubscribeamail

In the left column, just enter your email address in the “Subscribe” area. You will receive an email when changes occur.

  • Read the blog’s pages for more information


  • Comment commentbox2

Comments continue the conversation. We love them!  Just click “Comments” under the title of the blog post. Please only use your first name.

Note to students:

Remember: A blog comment is your footprint… a path back to you… prepare your path wisely.

  • View Categoriescategories2

Look for your student’s name under categories to discover their posts. Just click the drop-down menu.

How will I introduce and welcome families?

First, my students will follow what they need to do to begin blogging. Expected homework is to share what they do, including the internet safety guidelines they follow.

Second, once students begin their own blogging, I will ask them to learn and explain the purpose and participation in their own words.

Third, I’ll share the handouts (see below) with families at parent conferences and as a homework task. I’ve always wanted to have an “Open House”  in our writing classroom, such that students prepare presentations to share with families any time they visit. We could schedule special “Open House Days” as well. Our regular lessons and projects would continue as the students of the attending families simply take them to their desk or computer and share the presentation of our work to them. This helps families and their schedules.

So, students:

What are you learning? What will you share? Prepare an agenda and artifacts. Let’s start our welcome to families to share our learning in writing class.

And families, What do you want to know and see? We look forward to learning your ideas as you read about ours.

The family handout:

parent blog info p1

parent info blog p2