Journey: Connect, Consider, Converse, Curate, #ETMOOC

1  #ETMOOC : What are we to do?  First, connect with others and consider their ideas.

Connect & Consider

I started the #ETMOOC not knowing anything, except that I could connect with a massive number of amazing people. I floundered awhile and connected with Ben Wilkoff; I considered his vlog ideas about making meaning from the bits by stringing them together. We participants will have a massive amount of information to peruse.

2 Next, converse with the authors of those ideas — understand them.


I responded to his vlog through a vialogue conversation which I embedded into my post “Coalesced Connections” and asked for further conversations on this idea with others. Ben replied on the vialogue and then another vlog. Our conversations resulted in new learning for both of us: he learned about vialgues and #geniushour (See Denise Kreb’s post), and I learned to consider my own questions and to find ways to curate the information I chose to follow in our #ETMOOC. Ben introduced me to Storify, Pearltrees, and IFTTT as ways to annotate and organize those bits of information I want to synthesize and share in meaning and action.

3 Then, curate the sources and the meaning so as Ben, in his vlog, “Mutually Beneficial Friction: How We Stop Skimming The Surface Of Ideas” says, we “string together enough of those concepts and putting them together within a context that makes sense to you and me and is useful to my learning or my learners’ learning…I want to take these twelve things that people are talking about and pull together them together into something that makes sense… Remix… Creation.”


 The first thing I did after my conversation with Ben was to think through the questions I may want to pursue as well as organize my understanding of what #ETMOOC means. I also organized the #ETMOOC information, our conversations, and other information in my first Storify.

My Questions:

  • Given the access, technology, resources, and requirements available to me, how can I create a classroom world reflective of what my students need in the future that is theirs?
  • How do I need to adapt my pedagogy to create that classroom?
  • How will like-minded teachers connect and collaborate to create connected spaces for themselves and with their students?

My Storify

My About #ETMOOC


 What will I create or remix? It’s only the first week! How about you? Have you considered questions? Connected? Begun conversations? Found a way to curate your discoveries to make meaning for yourself? How has your journey started?