Learn everywhere #etmooc #ceetopen popcorn

We learn everywhere…

In #etmooc and #ceetopen, we encourage collaborative learning by challenging each other to try building artifacts that demonstrate understanding.

Our #ceetopen participants (and my PLN buddies Scott Boylen and Denise Krebs ) recorded very short videos of where we learn and uploaded them to a dropbox from which a single movie was created. Read more here.





The next challenge was to POP that video with another learning story. Here’s mine:


So, I wonder…

How will you use this in your classroom?

What investigative project would work here — pollution — or acts of kindness?

What do you think?

What story could you tell with our video, or one of your own collaboration?


An Adventure — Digital Story Collaboration #etmooc #ceetopen

An Adventure in 5 by GrammaSheri
How do you create an adventure story?

You invite your Professional / Personal Learning Neighborhood to join in on the fun!

Inspired by Digital StoryTelling #etmooc number seven (Choose Your Own Adventure), I adapted the idea and invited my friends, none of whom I’ve ever met!

Thanks to my PLN: @mrsdkrebs @gallit_z @MsLHall @lindapemik via one tweet to Denise Krebs, who passed it on to Gallit, who passed the story on to Ms Hall, who passed in on to Linda, we now have a story, and hopefully five stories in five steps.

Here’s the invitations and brief directions:  https://vimeo.com/59327792

an adventure invite from Sheri Edwards on Vimeo.


On our Adventure in 5 Google Presentation, the directions are:

On the first slide is a drawing, the beginning.

Please add to the tale in the next slide with your drawing You may copy my drawing and edit it, or create another new drawing.

When your tale has extended the story, invite another person to add to the next slide. Add your name to the title slide.

When we have 5 drawings, each of us will outline a different “adventure” in Mind42 from story slide 1 to story slide 5 (that’s three choices in the middle).I will invite you to collaborate — send me your email at grammasheri at gmail dot com


If possible, when we all have an adventure, each of us can “narrate” the story by rearranging the slides and screencasting our own story. I can do it for those without access to screencasting. Link to your story on the first slide.

For screencasting, the directions were:

Adapted from #etmooc
7: Plan a “Choose Your Own Adventure Story” (Collaborate)  Adaptation:
Draw an object Then ask a peer to draw a related object. Pass your peer’s drawing on to another peer and have them draw a related object. Keep doing this until you have 5 drawings (including your original object).
Create a story that links the original object with the last object drawn. What is the connection between the first object and the last object?
Write a brief story, then try to create multiple pathways that a user could go through the story. Use a mind-mapping tool


Screencasting tools:


Built in to QuickTime on a Mac — How to

I used SnagIt to screencast, then imported to iMovie to add the music loop included in iMovie.

The Slideshow

I wonder what you would do with this idea?



Best Connectedness Video by@thecleversheep #etmooc #ceetopen

Build your Personal Learning Neighborhood

How? Learn from @thecleversheep

This presentation of Seven Degrees of Connectedness by Rodd Lucier @thecleversheep is the best introduction to connectedness, to taking a risk and starting to build a Personal/Professional Learning Network (or Neighborhood) I have seen. Real people. Real Stories.  Be sure to watch it, and you will want to start your own journey.

And he refers to this infographic by Silvia Tolisano @langwitches (her blog)  Look through these to see how you fit — it’s not linear, because we are all taking steps of connectedness in different directions — we’re  travelling through neighborhoods, some of which we observe and other we jump in to participate. The important thing is to start. And once you start conversing, you will find friends — friends you may never meet in person, but whom you will care deeply, and friends and colleagues from whom you will learn and share.

What might happen?  Read and watch here.

So…Go forth and build….  any suggestions to beginners? Please add in the comments !