Who can blog? How will we blog?


On our class blog, Eagles Write,  please read our rules (in the left column)

and guidelines to understand how and why we blog.

Print your copy by clicking here: The Rules For Eagles

Eagles Write

Eagles Write

Why do we blog?

Read the reasons on our wiki: Why Blog

What Else

What Else

Important Netiquette Links

Eagle Netiquette

Eagle Net Safety

Net Smartz
On Guard Online
I Keep Safe

Simply Said

See Also these schools’ rules:

Dare to Care Etiquette

Digital Footprints


Your online presence — your comments, posts, and creations–  is your digital footprint,

a path back to you — prepare your path wisely!

How will your words touch the world? It’s up to you !

Live to make the world less difficult for each other.  ~ George Eliot

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