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clmooccorinnethomsenmemesquarmmm1 Memes: a media element spread on the internet, altered by others, and added to the internet’s dispersed collections.

They are fun, often humorous, and sometimes satirical. They can be informative. Dogtrax [ Kevin Hodgson] invites us to continue the #clmooc tradition of memes this year. So if a phrase captures your attention, let us know by choosing a meme image to fit. Create it, and spread the Meme Magic.





clmooc 044corinnethomsenWhen Corinne Thomsen shared her lovely drawing, I immediately thought: Meme Magic!

So I asked her permission and began a remix. I opened my free app, Sketchbook Express, and began the process of remixing and adapting her fun image. I downloaded her image and inserted it into Sketchbook Express, which allows me to fill, draw, layer, and add text.










I first made a blank template for all of us to use. So download this image [right or control click and Save Image As] and create your own. I made it square [ 500 x 500 pixels ] because some meme generators require square images; adapt as you need to. It does allow for adding information on the white right side.









So, Welcome to  #clmooc















Build your personal / professional learning community through fun projects collaborating with others throughout the summer:















What is it all about? It’s about becoming a Connected Learner and guiding your students’ connections as well. Come join the   #clmooc and follow on Twitter #clmooc

















And remember to Make More Memes !



Resilience: A ReMix of “Bent But Not Broken

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app

Resilience. For yourself. For your students.

My friend Susan Spellman-Cann created the HaikuDeck and a blogpost, “Bent But Not Broken” to guide us in resilience.

She says, ” We need to see students as they should be and help them to see what they are capable of becoming. We can help them in becoming more resilient by being that role model for them.”

It’s not easy, especially if you teach middle school, because they do know everything already. But we see their hearts, their unseen acts of kindness, and their ability to look to each other for support. We think our “role modeling” is for naught at the time, but through the course of the year with them, you’ll hear them remind you, “But you said…” as they repeat your self-talk modeling when you, the teacher, need it. They hear. So be a role model for resilience.

Here are more resources from Susan:

Resilience is hope, and something I’ve been thinking of for a while — how do I help students cope and learn, to be resilient in the face of so many obstacles. I am even adapting a BIE project on resilience that I call I Stand Eight, which I hope to implement next fall.

Thanks, Susan for adding to the conversation on helping students live learning.

What other strategies for teaching resilience are there?

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